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CIMTWe are at the times of reform and adjustment amid the environment, which we need to survive, having experienced and been happening overall and deep changes. The changing environment is presenting new challenge to us. In the meantime, it hastens to deliver new hope and breeds new future. The 15th China International Machine Tool Show 2017 (CIMT 2017) will be held under such circumstance, it bound to embody the industrial change and people's expectation for the future. CIMT is one of the most important machine tool technology platforms world-wide and the biggest and most international event of this kind in China and throughout the whole region.

Seeing from all over the world, it's hardly to remove the deep impact of international financial crisis in a short period of time as the world economy is with growing instability and uncertainty. The world economy is far from coming out of the shadow of financial crisis with leaden recovery progress, feeble economic growth and all-too-frequent local crisis. Whether developed economic entities or emerging market countries are encountering the bottleneck of development to varying degree. In spite of the different pattern of manifestation, its deep nature is serious unbalance of structure accumulated by long term development. For this reason, the main economic entities of the world are all actively seeking a way of adjustment and transformation. The global economy is in a process of profound change and rebalances.


After 30 years of high-speed development, China's economy has been entering into a new developing stage facing the severe challenges to stride the middle-income trap and to dissolve the long term accumulated contradictions of extensive growth. The economic growth of China has shown a clear slowdown in recent years fully indicating that the inner motive power of the old development mode is obviously weakening, this kind of extensive growth mode is neither workable nor sustainable amid the new economic development stage. At the same time, the traditional policy effect of stimulating economy has been nearly exhausted. Therefore, the new motive force of development must be released from adjustment and reform. Seeking long term healthy development should be based on economic transformation. For this goal, China's economy needs to be at the cost of suffering from short-term pain and periodic slowdown growth.

China machine tool & tools industry has been comprehensively and profoundly impacted in the over-all situation of global economic rebalance and slowdown of China's economic growth. After high speed growth for consecutive over 10 years, the industry is facing and undergoing the ordeal of adjustment and transformation due to the significant change of market climate and other growth factors. As a matter of fact, the industry has already set its foot into a new historic development stage with its key feature being transformation and upgrading. Accurately speaking, the industry is in a conversion period of CIMTdevelopment phase coupled with growing pains of transformation and upgrading. Together with the development pressure and challenge brought by the environmental change to the industry, the situation also provides opportunity and entry point for transformation and upgrading to the industry, it forms the reserved mechanism which will provide strong external power to transformation and upgrading for the industry.

How does the machine tool & tools industry deal with the confrontation of huge and profound changes? What visage, train of thought and measures would be shown to welcome the future? It should be certain that changes hasten delivery of hope, urge reserved transformation, breed opportunity and create the future.

Under the new circumstance, the industry needs a new round of ideological emancipation and concept innovation, to conscientiously get rid of the path dependence of development model by scale expansion, to thoroughly abandon the blind pursuit of rapid growth, to make up our minds to change development pattern, to adjust structure and to walk truly on the sustainable development road by means of technical progress, upgrade management and labor and product quality enhancement. Only in this way, can we welcome a brand new and glorious future and China is fighting for it.

Change is certain and future will be in our hands.

CIMT 2017 will witness the achievements of our transformation and concept innovation. It'll draw a distinct outline of our development prospect in the future. Let's join hands heading for the wonderful future.



  • CMTBA - China Machine Toole & Tool Builders' Association and CIEC - China International Exhibition Center Cooperation: New change to future



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